Enlisting mass patriotism

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  • Enlisting mass patriotism
    • Propaganda
      • withheld any bad news
      • exaggerated claims of German losses
      • focus on national pride and patriotism
      • The Great Patriotic War
      • Mass hatred toward Germans
      • Stalin's name was constantly held up as a patriotic symbol
      • Emphasis of propaganda was mostly Russian
        • Despite the whole of the Soviet Union being involved in the war
    • People's Militias
      • Partisan Movement
      • inadequate training and weapons
      • formed spontaneously by citizens committed to war
      • Women
        • Nacht Thexen
        • 800,000 women in the war
        • 2000 snipers - 500 survived
    • Religious Concessions
      • Restored the Russian Orthodox Church
      • Stalin met the head of the church and was given the church's blessing in the war effort
        • meant that the Soviet Union's persecuted Christians would begin to show support
      • Church began raising money for the war effort
      • Campaigned to open up a second front
      • able to preserve traditional structure
        • by 1943 there were over 15000 Orthodox Churches
      • Rzeheshevsky - "The influence of the Orthodox Christian and other religions on the populations was a far cry from what bourgeois historians claim it was and could not serve as a source of inspiration in the struggle against the enemy"
    • NKVD
      • rounded up anyone with a previous record of opotion
      • Drastic action taken against 'defeatists' and 'rumour mongers'
      • Thousands of suspects were shot, as were soldiers who retreated on the battlefield


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