Learning through Enlightenment

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  • Enlightenment Learning
    • Emphasis on education
      • Numbers of chools vastly increased including kids receiving education
      • New sucbjects such as History and MFL were added to curriculum of many private schools
      • Adults increased knowledge through self learning, number of public libraries where annual subscription was paid to a wide selection of books
        • Gave less affluent access to expensive books
    • Types of School
      • Number of free schools attended by poorer boys and girls numeracy and literacy. Free paying schools increased
      • Colonists in New England reduced reliance on moving schools
    • Communications: As desire for knowledge increased more and more printed materials were made to disseminate
    • Growth of newspapers
      • In 1704, just one newspaper by 1776 there were 40. Mostly ran stories from Britain to inform colonists. Also included advertisements.Sold through inreasing post office network
      • Pamphelts
        • Much smaller and cheaper to produce more than one newspaper, focused on one topic- usually religous messages or sometimes covered crime. Had a massive audience as theywere free


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