English Writing

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  • English Writing
    • Genre
      • Letter
        • Put your address top right
        • Put their address top left
        • Start with Dear.....
        • If know the persons name use, Yours Sincerely
        • If dont' know the persons name use, Yours Faithfully
      • Nesletter
        • Bold Heading
        • Use presentational devices, e.g picture boxes, captions, heading, quotations etc
      • Magazine Article
        • Heading
        • Introductory paragraph
        • Use a by-line (By..../Writes....)
    • Acknowleding Genre
      • Letter
        • "I'm writing to you beacause"
      • Sppech
        • "It's great to see so many of you here"/Have safe journey home/ Thanks for coming
      • Article
        • "Think you know about teenagers?"
    • Audience
      • Using certian vocab in headline (chatty/informal)
      • Using words/expressions throughout
    • Purpose
      • Letter
        • Explain why writing in first paragraph
      • Article
        • Explain what about in introduction
      • Newsletter
        • Untitled


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