Englis beckham and Jonathan Ross interview 1

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  • English spoken language
    • David Beckham and Jonathan Ross paragraph 1
      • " do people still call her posh spice."
        • In a band called the spice girls.
          • well known figure called posh spice.
            • David Beckham turns this into a Joke
              • " she's down in my phone book as posh.
      • Entertainment interview= people generally like to know personal information about well known people.
        • Paragraph 2
          • Jonathan Ross has many type of fillers when he speaks.
            • "er"
    • paragraph 3
      • R.T.O.V= changes from time to time.
        • Loud= " that's so nice"
          • quietens= " what does she call you?"
            • Backchannel
              • The audience and Beckham can tell by Jonathan Ross's voice that the topic has changed.
                • cue
                  • " I hope you don't mind me saying this?"
                    • Hedge- soften the blow.
                      • Doesn't really care whether Beckham minds or not
                        • paragraph 4
                          • Beckham and Ross's relationship is comfortable.
                            • Both use contractions like she'll or don't.
                              • Close relationship with victoria
                                • They both have pet names for each other
                                  • Untitled
  • Awkward comment or question.
    • Needs time to think
      • "er an awkward question he doesn't expect to be answered.


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