English Exam - Reading and Writing

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  • English Exam - Reading and Writing
    • 1. It is a 2hr 15 min exam or if youget extra time its 2 hr 49 min.
    • 3. Make sure you always read th question first and then the article so you know what you are looking for.
      • 2. Section A is reading. Spend 1 hr 15 min.
      • 4. Read question 1 and then highlight the key words.Then read article 1 highlighting and annotating anything which relates to the questio. Go back to th question and then answer it!
    • Section B is writingand you spend1 hr on these questions.
      • Inform explain, describe. Do this writing task last - focus upn vocabular, making sure it is well structured and that of the 3 - 4 points youmake are well developed.


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