English Literature Poetry - 04/01/07

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  • 04/01/07
    • 'shatters'
      • broken; destroyed
    • 'night's dark glass'
      • was asleep
    • 'I'm suddenly awake'
      • present tense; sense of urgency
    • 'Gives me the news I already knew'
      • was expecting it
    • 'The light clicks on'
      • metaphor for hope
    • 'Feeling that the story ends'
      • grief has been resolved
    • 'The stream dried up'
      • stopped crying
    • 'smashed glass clear'
      • refers to beginning of poem
    • 'slap' 'torn'
      • emotive; destructive
    • 'And a lit plane drones in the night's dark blue'
      • monosyllables; emphasises iambic pentameter; imagery
    • 'waking to sleeping'
      • lifespan
    • 'new year air'
      • assonance; juxtaposition between old and new, life and death
    • 'in the moment'
      • life can change very quickly
    • 'My brother's voice'
      • shows family; kinship
    • 'I'm trapped inside that empty space you float in when your mother dies'
      • empty; disconnected
    • 'clinks and shines'
      • shows optimism; visual and auditory imagary




I love this, it is very clear and very useful. Thank You!

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