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  • English Literature - A view from the bridge (THEMES AND CONTEXT)
    • Context
      • Arthur Miller
        • Born in New York in 1925
          • Moved to Brooklyn when family business failed.
            • Worked alongside Italian migrants on shipyard.
              • Heard of some illegal migrants being betrayed
                • Inspired the play A View from the Bridge
        • Had three marriages, one of which was Marilyn Monroe
        • Was a writer and journalist
        • Most of his work portrays political and moral issues, and Greek Tragedy
      • Written in 1955
      • Italian Immigration
        • Italy very poor in 1955
          • After World War 2
            • Initially fought alongside Nazi Germany, under Mussoulini, nut was deposed in 1943 by the King of Italy and fought along British allies.
            • Economy slow to regrow.
              • In 1953, Italy joined the European Economic Community and money was pumped in to reduce unemployment
          • Many people moved to America to try their luck
    • Themes
      • Love
        • Family Love
          • Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine are seen as a loving family at first
          • Marco loves his family back home in Italy, as he is trying to support them.
          • Beatrice loves family in Sicily - supports her cousins
        • Father-Daughter
          • Eddie and Catherine have a father - daughter relationship
            • Made a lot of sacrifices for her education
        • Brotherly love
          • Marco and Rodolfo
        • Love of a place
          • Marco and Rodolfo love their homeland
          • Rodolfo loves America - "He's crazy for New York"
        • Romantic Love
          • Eddie's love for Catherine -  has become sexual
          • Catherine and Rodolfo quickly fall in love
          • Beatrice and Eddie's love not as strong as it used to be - "When am I going to be a wife again?"
        • Causes conflict between characters, due to jealousy and the pain caused
      • Justice and Law
        • Quotes
          • "The law has not been a friendly idea here"
          • "Justice is very important here"
          • "Al Capone...was learning his trade.... and Frankie Yale was cut precisely in half by a machine gun"
          • "Most of the time now we settle for half and i like it better"
            • Written law not always in favour of justice, so take it into own hands
              • E.g. Marco killing Eddie
        • Lawyers unable to prevent a "complaint" running a "bloody course"
          • Causes us to question the power and influence of the law.
        • Both Eddie and Marco allow their own personal feelings to affect their ideas of justice.
          • But Alfieri is right.
        • Instances of justice and law in the play
          • Vinny Bolzano Story
            • Family believes he's doing something unjust.
          • Alfieri warns Eddie about his "unnatural"feelings for Catherine
          • Eddie calls Immigartion, which shows Eddie's principle of justice is based on his feelings.
            • He becomes Vinny Bolzano
          • Alfieri says to Marco, before he's about to kill Eddie: "Only God makes justice".
      • Codes of honour
        • Vinny Bolzano story
          • Eddie and Beatrice thought he did wrong
            • "How's he gonna show his face?"
            • Family is very important
            • Eddie becomes Vinny Bolzano at the end


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