Speech Acquisition/English Language

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  • Speech Acquisition
    • early phonological errors
      • Deletion: Omitting the final consonant e.g do(g) cu(p)
      • Substitution: Substituting one sound for another, mainly harder sounds eg 'pip' for 'ship'
      • Addition: Adding an extra vowel sound to the ends of words eg 'doggie'
      • Assimiilation:Changing one consonant or vowel for another (as in the early plosive sounds d and b) eg 'gog' for 'dog'
      • Reduplication: Repeating a whole syllable eg dada, mama
      • Consonant cluster reductions: Clusters can be difficult to  pronounce so children make it easier eg 'pider' for 'spider'
      • Deletion of unstressed syllables: Omitting the opening syllable in polosyllabic words eg 'nana' for 'banana'
    • Types of overextension
      • Categorical overextension: The name for one thing is extended to all the other things in the category eg "Apple used for all round fruits'
      • Analogical overextension: Some physical connection eg 'Ball used for all round fruit'
      • Mismatch statements: Child makes a comment about one object in relation to another eg 'Saying duck when looking at an empty pond'
    • Aitchinson's Stages
      • Labelling: Linking words to the objects to which they refer.
      • Packaging: Exploring labels
      • Network-building: MAking connections between words, understanding similarities and opposites.
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    • Piaget's Stages
      • Sensorimotor(up to 2years) : Experiences the physical world through the senses and begin classifying the things in it.
      • Pre-operational(2-7): Language and motor skills develop  and become more competent.
      • Concrete operational (      7-11): Children begin thinking logically about conrete events.
      • Formal operational(11+): Abstract reasoning skills develop.


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