Come On, Come Back

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  • Come On, Come Back.
    • Dream
      • imagery based off of moonlight and water- this creates a dream-like quality and adds to the suspense as we do not know whether the things happening to Vaudevue are real.
      • ideas of secrecy and mystery.
      • memory.
        • without memory we have no identity- vaudevue doesn't remember who she is, and tries to find solace through death.
        • "as one without memory,"
    • The Mixture of Old and New
      • the idea of a futuristic battle, but still references to battles from the napoleonic era and wwii
      • ML5- reference to how the nazis gassed the jews.
      • austerlitz- where the french defeated the russians and the austrians under napolean.
      • shows how all conflict is the same- no matter when or why it happens.
    • Secrecy
      • Vaudevue's mind has become a secret to er- she doesn't know who or where she is, or how she got there.
      • "as the water on which she swims, as secret as profound as ominous"


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