English language-inform,explain,describe

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  • English language
    • Inform
      • When you might use it
        • Leaflets
        • Reports
        • Prospectuses
        • Eye witness accounts
      • What style of writing to use
        • Third person in present tense
        • A formal mix of active and passive tense
        • Specific vocabulary and casual connections
        • Simple and compound sentences
        • Clear topic sentences
      • How you might structure it
        • Different fonts and diagrams
        • Headings, subheadings and bullet points
        • Tables and textboxes
        • Paragraphs organised by topic
      • Possible tasks
        • "Your school is holding a summer fete; write to parents informing them of the event"
        • "Write a letter to a dog-sitter telling the requirements and responsibilities concerned with taking care of your dog.
    • Explain
      • When you might use it
        • Summaries
        • Reports
        • Encyclopaedia entry
      • What style of writing to use
        • Specific vocabulary
        • Third person and appropriate tense
        • Impersonal active voice
        • Cause, effect and comparison
      • How you might structure it
        • Diagram and illustration
        • General statement followed by evidence
        • Sequential and logical order
      • Possible tasks
        • "You have been asked to write an entry for a computer guide for old people who have never used a computer before"
        • "Explain why school uniform is not necessary in school"
    • Describe
      • When you might use it
        • Narratives
        • Autobiographies
      • What range of writing to use
        • Adjectives and adverbs
        • Appropriate person and tense
        • Varied sentence lengths
        • Figurative language
      • How you might structure it
        • Appeal to the reader's senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, sound
      • Possible tasks
        • "Write about the atmosphere at a football stadium for someone who has never been to a match
        • "Talk about the time your first tooth came out"


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