Starting Out Pack Mind Map

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  • English Language - Starting Out Pack.
    • Lexical Choice.
      • Ambiguous - Vauge/more than one meaning.
      • Graphologically - what it looks like.
      • Grammatically - structure.
      • Phonologically - how it sounds
    • Looking at a text and analysing it.
      • Pun - play on words.
      • Annecdote - personal story.
      • Subverting - goes below and flips meaning = twists and changes it.
      • Impetative(s) Verbs - command words.
      • Field Specific Lexis - words that are specific to a certain field such as law, medicine ect.
    • G.R.A.M.P.S
      • G = genre. What is it? Novel, Letter ect.
      • R = register. Tone, Formal or Informal.
      • A= audience.Who is the text for?
      • M = mode. format of the text, Written or Spoken or both.
      • P = purpose. what is its jobs? entertain, persuade, inform instruct, educate ect.
      • S = subject matter. what is the text about?


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