English Language 1650 - 1750

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  • English Language 1650 - 1755
    • Canting Dictionaries
      • Elisha Coles, published in 1676, Labelled title page as 'hard words' dictionary.
      • Intrested in slang throughout 17th century
      • 1699 B.E's dictionry of the Terms of Ancient and Mordern of the Canting Crew,
        • Drew heavily on first content of Coles and other slang glossaries.
    • Dictionary of English Language, 1755 Samuel Johnson
      • Regarded as one of the most influencial dictionaries
      • A lot of work put in, e.g. "turn" had 16 definitions with 15 illustrations
      • Prefered spellings that pointed to Lation or Greek. E.g "Ache" instead of "ake" as he wrongly thought i came from the Greek "achos"
      • Spelling variations - E.g Uphill and downhill


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