English Language 1600 - 1650 

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  • English Language 1600 - 1650
    • Significant scientific developments and beginning of English being widely used
    • Bodleian Library 1602, Opened in Oxford, one of oldest in Europe
    • Table Alphabeticall 1604
      • Only 120 pages, listed 2,453 words along with very brief definitions
      • Robert Cawdrey
      • Claimed purpose was 'for the benefit of ladies, gentlewomen or unskilled persons
      • Words often arbitrary and obscure, but inspired future dictionaries
    • Authorised King James Bible
      • Began in 1604, completed in 1611
      • Translations done by 47 scholars , from un iof Cambridge, Oxford and Westminster.
      • Sound bound for 10 shillings and bound for 12.
      • Used ye for the, and & for and. Punctuation was relatively heavy.
    • Advancements of Learning
      • Bacon gives philosophical, civic and religious arguments for engaging in learning
      • Second book, Bacon analyses state of the sciences, what is being done and how to advance


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