English Language 1500 - 1550

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  • English Language 1500 - 1550
    • Henry VIII reformation
      • decided it was necessary to divorce Catherine and find a new queen
      • The church would not allow for the divorce
      • Henry decided to simply secede from the church, becoming the English Reformation
    • The Dissolution of Monasteries
      • 1534 Crown was undergoing financial difficulties. So appropriation of church property was feasable
      • Along with destruction of monastries, related destruction of monastic libraries was a great cultural loss.
      • Worcester Cathedral had 600 books at time, only six of them are known to have survived.
    • Tyndale Bible 1526
      • Have been revised and reprinted numerous times
      • Was first major period of Bible translation into the English language.
      • Tyndale used Greek and Hebrew texts of New and Old Testaments
      • First of the Middle English translators to use the printing press to produce several thousand copies throughout England
      • One of last countries in Europe to have a printed vernacular bible due to Henry VIII avoiding the propagation of heresies.
    • The Great Bible 1539
      • First officially authorized bible in English
      • Issued to meet a decree hat each church should make it available in some convenient place
      • But the liberty was so sudden that people abused it. King Henry therefore began to put restrictions on it
      • Only Upper Classes allowed to posed a Bible
      • Year before Henry's death, all versions were prohibited except Great bible
    • The first Book of Common Prayer 1549
      • Standardizes much of the wording of church services
      • Attendance at prayer book services was required by law for many years
      • Many ordinary church goers would have a copy (that's if you could afford it)
      • Roughly 290 editions were produced between 1549 and 1642
      • Before the end of the Civil War and the introduction of the 1662 prayer book, around half a million prayer books were in circulation
      • Some argue the repeated use of language of the prayer book helped to standardize modern English


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