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  • Pride and Prejudice, Themes, Society, Class
    • Definition - a system of ordering society whereby people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.
    • Presented as EVERYTHING - The death of your daughter would have been a blessing in comparison of this - the fact that they're reputation has been stained is worse than the death of one of they're daughters
    • Elizabeth even finds a way to rebel against peoples class and status -  "He is a gentleman; I am a gentleman's daughter; so far we are equal" - shows her strength of character and her morals
      • Austen does match up people between the ranks despite Lady Catherine questioning it.
      • There is quite a lot of questioning, are Elizabeth and Darcy in the same class. Elizabeth thinks they are, Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine no so much.
    • Presented as something easy to lose - upper class are worried about the new middle class taking theyre place.
      • a lot of actions are as a result of people trying to secure their status, Caroline Bingley, Charlotte Lucas. but not Darcy and Elizabeth.
    • Presented as something even the best of characters cannot overcome - Darcy - "his sense of her inferiority"


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