English: poetry, When We Two Parted

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  • When We Two Parted
    • Themes
      • Death
        • Loss
        • Thinks his life is over
      • Anger
      • Regret
      • Coldness
        • Shows how their relationship isn’t going well.
    • Comparison
      • Neautral Tones
      • Winter Swans
      • Farmers Bride
      • Porphyria Lover
    • Stanzer 1
      • ‘Silence’  shows that they have unspoken feelings.
      • ‘cold’ suggests that  they have become emotionless with each other.
      • ‘Sorrow to this.’ End stop line shows that he has to think about what has happened.
    • Stanzer 2
      • ‘Sunk chill on my brow’. Shows death  and coldeness.
      • ‘Dew off the morning’ Pathetic fallacy the weather reflects the relationship between them both.
    • Rhyme scheme
    • Stanzer 3
      • ‘Why wert thou so dear?’ Rhetorical question shows that he is traumatised by the affair.
    • Stanzer 4
      • Shows bitterness and he is left with wounds
    • Stanzer 5
      • ‘That thy heart could forget’ he feels that he has been forgotten about.
      • ‘With silence and tears’ shows that he still cant move on from and feels the same way like in the beginning


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