English Language Theorists

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  • Language & Gender Theorists
    • Lakoff
      • Defecit Model
        • Hedging, polite forms, tag questions, speak in italics, empty adjectives, hypercorrect pronunciation, direct quotation, lack sense of humour
    • Tannen
      • Difference Model
        • Women and men want different things in a conversaton
        • Satus vs Support Independencevs Intimacy Advice vs Understanding Information vs Feelings Orders vs Proposals Conflict vs Compromise
    • Cameron
      • Verbal hygiene
        • suggested that men and women face normative expectations about the appropriate mode of speech for their gender
    • Trudgill
    • Keith & Shuttleworth
      • Women - talk more than men, talk too much, more polite, complain and nag, ask questions, more cooperative
      • Men- swear more, don't talk about emotions, insult each other frequently, competitive in conversation, dominate the conversation, give commands, interrupt more
    • Coates & Jones
      • Categories of gossip
        • Chatting- the most intimate form of gossip, a mutual self-disclosure, a transaction where women use to their own advantage the skills the have learner as part of their job of nurturing others
        • Scandal- judging of the behaviour of others and women in particular
        • House Talk-  the exchange of info and resources connected with the female role as an occupation
        • Bitching- the overt expression of women anger at their restricted role and inferior status
    • O'Barr & Atkins
      • pragmatics of public discourse
        • looked at how men and women manage politeness in the public context of UK parliamentary speaking
    • Spender
    • Zimmerman & West
    • Wolf


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