English Language paper 1 overview

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  • English Language paper 1
    • Q2
      • Analyse language
      • Words, phrases, uses, techniques, sentence forms
      • Intro sentence, 3 points, conclusion sentence
      • Use PETER structure
      • Point, Evidence, Technique, Effect, Reader
    • Q1
      • find 4 simple facts about part of the text
      • Look for key clues in the text
      • Make clear judgements
      • Keep it obvious
    • Q3
      • Structure question
      • Whole source
      • Look for clues like genre, opening, ending etc
      • What do I look at?
        • Structure and sequence of events
        • Development from beginning to end
        • Tenses and order
        • Paragraph length
        • Range of terminology
        • POV and how important the character is to the plot
        • Focus changes - how and why? Beginning and end?
        • Ideas, perspectives and how they shift
        • Coherence - connections and links, and changes
      • Link setting and character together
    • Q4
      • Opinion question - agree or disagree
      • Expand and develop opinion with quotes
      • Reference both sides of opinion
      • What should I do?
        • Use quotes that show your own opinion
        • Analyse techniques and most interesting words
        • Talk about effect on reader most
        • Analyse particular words and techniques
        • If you disagree, it should be a critical evaluation by suggesting improvements
      • Structure to use
        • 1) Writer is successful...
        • 2) Way in which they are successful
        • 3Other opinions/disagree
        • 4) Overall how successful
    • Q5
      • Evocative sentencing
      • Fractured or framed narrative
      • Intriguing characters
      • Not too long-winded
      • Try to expand on one idea


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