English Language: Paper 1: Section B (exams 2017+)

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  • English Language: Paper 1: Section B
    • Only 1 question
      • Will be given a focus
        • e.g. Describe someone that's different in some way
      • 40 marks in total
      • Aim to spend  30-40 mins on this
        • Aim for at least 3 sides of A4, but this depends on writing size
    • Creative Writing
      • You will be asked to describe something, to set a scene etc.
        • e.g. Describe someone who stands out
      • You need EXCELLENT vocabulary
        • aberration: something out of the norm
        • Complacency: self-satisfied ignorance of danger
        • Gratuitous: uncalled for, unwarranted
      • Use language and structural devices effectively
        • Alliteration: her perfectly pruned eyebrows
        • Structure: perhaps use the same sentence you used to start with for your concluding sentence to indicate a loop in time, or to indicate the tendency of human nature to repeat mistakes
        • Use paragraphs well, perhaps use a one word/phrase paragraph to add emphasise that bit
        • Use dissonance to create a sense of unease


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