Great Expectations

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  • English Great Expectations!
    • Miss Havisham
      • Initially  a bitter woman who was left at the alter by a con man  She let her body, house and mind go to ruin. She is  mad and wants to wreak revenge on the male sex.  She adopted Estella.
        • Later on in the story we see that she feels guilt for what she has done to Pip. By damaging his heart with the instrument that is Estella, also by corrupting him from the good man he was. She lead him to believe that she was his benefactor too! She died from the candle igniting her dress.
    • Jaggers
      • Mr Jaggers, a lawyer who works in London who also happens to be Miss Havisham's lawyer. He knows the whole story of every character and does help in some ways. He gave Estella to Miss Havisham to save her being an orphan if he couldn't get his client (Molly) out of being hanged for the crime of murder.
        • He isolates himself because his job to send and save people to/from the gallows is a horrendous one. He must have see very nightmarish things. We never learn of his backstory. He lets Pip believe that Miss Havisham is his benefactor. He is both good and bad.
    • Wemmick
      • He has a split personality as that is the only way he can cope. He never brings work into home, vice versa. He does help Pip and his aged father. He works for Jaggers.
    • Pip
      • He is the retrospective narrative of this book. It is his Bildungsr-oman. His moral journey has ups and downs. He becomes a gentleman because of his infatuation with Estella.
    • Joe Gargery
      • Pip's moral compass, Joe may not be educated but he is all things good and can understand a situation better than anybody! This blacksmith has had a heart-breaking past but is still a true gentleman.
    • Estella
      • Meaning far star. She is proud and selfish. She can not really care for anyone because that was how she was made. Never finds out her own backstory though the readers do!
    • Biddy
      • A kind and loving girl who is skilled at many jobs. Like Joe she is very good hearted, which is why they are the perfect couple when they marry. She was also Pip's childhood friend.
    • Magwitch
      • He was once a convict and becomes Pip's benefactor and like a second father. He loves Pip and never knew his daughter Estella. He dies killing his enemy Compeyson in the water but is arrested just before he dies. Another true gentleman.


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