England in 1377

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  • England 1377
    • Edward III had a 50-year reign.
      • Referred to as a 'golden age' - widespread anxiety about the futureafter he died.
      • English failures in the war with France meant public frustration.
        • Edward had made decisions regarding Brittany which increased international tensions.
          • Edward's interest in Castile had also caused trouble.
      • He fathered many sons - Richard's status as heir apparent was not a foregone conclusion.
        • John of Gaunt showed discontent regarding the choice - he wanted to be King.
      • War with Scotland had been raging for over 80 years.
        • Recent losses of territory posed a threat to England.
    • The good parliament of 28 April to 10 July 1376 tried to deal with domestic and foreign issues.
      • Divisions existed based on concerns that individuals had exploited Edward's illness.
        • It ended in appointments of new councillors and sacking or imprisonment of corrupt officials.
      • The 'bad parliament'  showed these factions still existed.
        • John of Gaunt appeared to control the parliament.
          • He released officials that had been imprisoned and let them back into court.
          • He accused people he didn't like and had them imprisoned.
          • A rival faction was formed to oppose his influence.


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