golden rice case study

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  • engineering case studies-golden rice
    • lack of vitamine a can cause blindness
      • childeren and pregnant women are more at risk
        • vit A affects homeobox genes-body plan
    • Vit A only comes from animal sources
      • beta caroteine found in plants can be converted to Vit A in human gut
      • vit A is fat soluable so lipids must be consumed with it
      • needed for cell growth and development
      • essential for growth of bones
      • needed for maintenance and differentiation of epithelial cells
    • the grain of the rice plant contains an inactive gene for production of beta carotein
    • in order to 'switch on' gene for beta carotein production in endosperm(grain) of rice plant two genes had to be inserted into the genome
    • Advantages
      • reduces cases of blindness in developing countries
      • provides source of vit A
    • Disadvantages
      • reduces biodiversity
      • long term effects unknown
      • could breed with wild rice and contaminate wild rice populations


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