Energy Transfer by heating

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  • Energy Transfer by Heating
    • Infrared Radiation
      • Every object emits infrared radiation!
      • The hotter the object is, the more infrared radiation is emitted
      • It is energy transfer by electro-magnetic waves.
      • Dark, matt surfaces are good absorbers and good emitters
      • Light, shiny surfaces are poor absorbers and emitters but good reflectors
    • Kinetic Theory
      • Solids, Liquids and Gases have a different amount of energy
    • Energy transfer by heating
      • The transfer of energy by conduct, convect, evapo and conden involves particles
      • Metal is the best conductor -> free electrons.
      • Convection only occurs in gas and liquid
      • evaporation -> liquid to gas
      • condensation -> gas to liquid
      • Rate of evaporation increasing the SA, increase temp, draught
      • Condensation -> increase SA and reduce temp
    • Energy transfer by design
      • The rate depends on: shape, size and material. Materials it is in contact with. Temp difference
      • Vacuum Flask
        • Vacuum cuts out conduct and convect
        • Glass = poor conductor -> little conduct
        • Silvery outer reduces radiation
        • double walled good insulator
        • Plastic cap cuts evapor and conduct
    • Heating and Insulating Buildings
      • Insulation = loft insulation, cavity wall, double glazing, draught proofing, aluminium foil behind radiators
      • U-values tell us how much energy per second passes through materials
      • Solar heating panels do not use fuel to heat water but they are very expensive to buy and install


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