Energy transfer

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  • Energy transfer
    • The amount of energy in the Universe is constant.
      • The energy input will always equal the energy output.
        • But only some of the output energy is useful because some of the input energy is always lost or wasted.
      • Energy can never be created nor destroyed - It can only ever be transferred from one form to another.
    • Energy efficiency is the percentage of the energy transfer that is useful.
      • The less energy that is wasted the more efficient the machine is. This means you waste less money paying for energy that you can't use.
    • Heat radiation
      • An object that is hotter than its surroundings emits more radiation that it absorbs,
      • An object that is cooler than its surroundings absorbs more radiation that it emits.
      • Dark matt surfaces absorbs heat radiation better than bright glossy surfaces. They also emit more heat radiation.
      • Silvered surfaces reflect heat radiation so they radiate less heat energy than dark objects.
    • If the rate of energy absorbed is equal to the rate of energy emitted the temperature of the object will remain constant.


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