Energy Systems

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  • Energy Systems
    • ATP
      • our energy currency, found in all cells
      • when broken down it releases stored energy
      • ATP + ATPase = ADP + P + energy
      • ATP resythesis - achieved in 3 different ways (systems)
        • each system operates at the same time
        • duration and intensity of exercise dictates which system is predominantly used
    • Energy sources
      • Carbohydrates (stored as Glycogen)
        • stored in the muscles and liver
        • quickly broken down into glucose to be used as a source of ATP by muscles
      • Fats
        • glycerol and fatty acids formed during digestion of fats stored as triglycerides
        • glycerol can be converted to glucose when glycogen stores have been depleted e.g. during marathon
      • Phosphocreatine
        • stored within muscle cell
        • limited stores
        • used to resynthesise ATP in first 10secs of intense exercise
      • Glucose
        • main form of carbohydrate
        • dissolves in blood plasma
        • used by all cells and tissues as energy source


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