Case studies - factors affecting energy security

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  • Factors affecting energy security - Case Studies
    • California
      • weather
      • limited capacity of power lines to import electricity
      • 2000 3rd year of drought
        • less surplus energy due to lack of hydro-electricity from surrounding states
        • summer was very hot so increased demand for air conditioning
      • insufficient generating capacity
        • anti-pollutant laws in 1970s meant energy companies were unwilling to build new power stations
    • UK
      • gas availability
        • north sea gas expected to run out in next 50 years
        • 2004 - over 90% of UK gas supply was produced in UK
        • in 2020 gas supply from UK is expected to be 10%
          • 20% expected to be imported from Norway
          • 40% expected to be imported from Europe
        • decreased political power for UK
          • increased political power for gas rich nations
            • Russia supplies 30% of EU gas
      • oil availability
        • potential for political instability between UK and oi producing states
        • volatile oil prices
        • many argue that global peak oil was reached in 2006
      • renewable energy concerns
        • limited amount of sun for solar power
        • concerns of waste from nuclear power plants
    • China
      • dependency on coal
        • vulnerable to global warming sanctions
      • gov is being pressured to find an alternative to coal
        • reduce levels of pollution
        • reduce contribution to climate change
      • oil fields have reached peak oil
      • oil deposits in Tarim Basin are expensive and difficult to exploit
        • remote location and difficult geology
      • China's deep water exploration of oil may be threatened by political conflict
        • Vietnam and Philippines
      • HEP
        • dams vulnerable to natural hazards
      • natural gas
        • expensive and difficult to build pipelines
        • liquefied gas is in short supply


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