energy losses along a food chain

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  • energy loss along a food chain
    • plants convert less than 3% of sunlight into chemical energy
      • falls on non- photosynthesising surfaces
      • reflected
      • passes through
      • in the energy transfer from carbs
    • energy losses in the consumption of producers
      • not all the plant is eaten
      • not all materials can be fully digested
      • energy lost as heat in the consumers digestive system as molecules are hydrolysed
    • productivity
      • rate of which plants convert light energy into chemical potential energy
      • gross primary productivity
        • total quantity of energy transferred
      • net primary productivity
        • energy that is left as chemical energy after the plants have supplied there own needs by respiration
    • ways to increase photosynthetic efficiency
      • plant closer together
      • more water
      • extra mineral ions as fertilisers


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