OCR AS chemistry - Greenhouse effect

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  • Energy coming from the sun is: Visible light, Infrared, Electromagnetic radiation
      • the process in which the absorption and subsequent emission of INFRARED by atmospheric gases warms the lower atmosphere and the earth's surface
        • Carbon Dioxide
          • Natural occurrence: Volcanic eruption, Respiration
        • Methane
          • Natural occurrence: Rotting of organic waster, cows by-product of respiration
          • CLATHRATES: ice like structures that have large quantities of methane trapped
          • greater contribution to greenhouse effect  Than CO2
            • Carbon Dioxide
              • Natural occurrence: Volcanic eruption, Respiration
        • Water Vapour
          • Natural occurrence: evaporation of masses of water - oceans
          • the most abundant
        • Global warming potential
          • Lifetime of gas in atmosphere
          • Ability to absorb infrared
          • Abundance of the gas




This is really helpful, thank you :)

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