Energy ATP

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  • Energy ATP
    • Key Points
      • Only immediately usable source of energy in the human body
      • Can only provide energy for 2-3 seconds
      • Needs to re-synthesis from ADP
      • Re-Synthesised from ADP
      • Energy systems provide energy to re-synthesise ATP via coupled reactions
    • Key Terms
      • Compound: a mixture of elements
      • Enzyme: protein molecules that act as catalysts for the body's chemical reactions. Typically ends with the suffix-ase
      • ATPase: the enzyme that helps break down ATP to release energy
      • Exothermic: Chemical reaction that releases energy as it progresses
      • Endothermic: chemical reaction that requires energy to be added to progress
      • Coupled Reactions: When the products from one reaction are used in another reaction
    • Equations
      • ATP=ADP+P +Energy
      • ADP+P+Energy +STP
      • Kg X Gravity =Force
      • Force X Distant =Work
      • (Force X Distance) / Time =Power
  • ATP=ADP+P +Energy


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