Energy and the role of ATP

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  • Energy and the role of ATP
    • Energy = the ability to do work, for anything to happen energy must be present
    • Examples of energy
      • Light
      • Heat
      • Sound
      • Electrical
      • Magnetic
      • Chemical
      • Atomic
    • Energy is measured in joules (J)
    • Processes which involve energy
      • Metabolism
      • Movement
      • Active transport
      • Maintenance, repair and division
      • Production of substances
      • Maintenance of body temperature
    • ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate
      • Small soluble molecule, easily transported around cells.
      • Made from the base adenine combined with 3 phosphate groups and a ribose sugar
      • Used by all living organisms to carry energy from energy releasing reactions
      • Bonds between phosphate groups are unstable so break easily and when broken they release energy. Occurs due to a hydrolysis reaction (with water)
      • Known as an immediate energy source as it cannot be stored.


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