Energy and Electricity - P1.1

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  • Energy and Electricity P1.1
    • There are 3 types of Energy: KINETIC - moving objects eg wind.       POTENTIAL - "stored energy"     GPE - "stored energy" eg top of a diving board.   CHEMICAL - chemical substances eg wood, gas.
    • There are 2 types of circuits:        SERIES and PARALLEL - 2 components connected side by side.
    • Key Words:       1. Unsustainable - supplies that will run out.     2. Biofuels - made from specially grown plants.        3.
    • Fuels:                 1. Gas or Coal = fuel.                   2. Fossil fuel = fuel from a material long ago eg coal gas.       3. Heat energy = when the heat released spreads.
    • Power supplies - electrical mains:                                -Battery=1.5V   -Voltmeter = volts                    -Ammeter= ammps              -Hazardous to open a battery-contains chemicals (poison)             -As energy is used by a battery, the energy decreases     -Electricity meter = J(Joules)
    • - Turbine: long wings which spin when wind blows.                - Generator: rotating shaft at the back of turbine.                                            - Electrical energy: when the generator turns, electrical energy is made.
    • Electricity to heat:                   - heaters get hot (heating effect)                       -Electrons - particles that carry energy.


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