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  • Energy
    • 9 Forms of Energy
      • kinetic
        • moving objects
      • gravitational potential
        • high up objects
      • elastic potential
        • stretched elastic band
      • chemical
        • coal and gas
      • light
      • sound
      • thermal
        • hot objects
      • electrical
      • nuclear
    • Conservation of Energy
      • Energy cannot be created or destroyed
      • Energy is conserved in all energy transfers
    • Friction and Wasted Energy
      • Wasted energy is energy that is not usefully transferred.
        • E.g. light is useful in a light bulb and heat is the waste energy.
      • Friction occurs between moving objects and causes them to heat up.
        • The kinetic energy is useful and heat is wasted.
    • Efficiency
      • The efficiency of a device is how much of the total energy input is transferred into useful energy.
      • The more useful energy, the more efficient the device.
      • Can be represented by a sankey diagram
    • Improving efficiency
      • reducing friction
        • lubricating moving parts with oil or grease
      • use wires in circuits with as little resistance as possible
        • the higher the resistance, the hotter the wire becomes
      • reducing air resistance
        • streamlining the shapes of moving objects
      • reduce vibrations and noise
        • tighten loose parts on the machine


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