Energy types

Energy types

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  • Energy
    • Gravitational potential
      • The energy gained as an object is moved AWAY from the earth
    • Kinetic
      • The energy of an object due to its movement
    • Chemical
      • Stored energy that can be released in a chemical reaction
    • Strain
      • The energy stored when an object changes shape
    • Electrical
      • The energy carried by an electric current
    • Sound
      • The energy carried by a sound wave
    • Internal energy
      • Total kinetic and potential energies of all the particles in an object
    • Thermal (heat) energy
      • The energy released when the temperature of a hot object decreases due to a decrease in its internal energy
    • Nuclear
      • Stored energy that can be released in a nuclear reaction
    • Light
      • Energy given off, for example, by very hot objects


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