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  • Energy
    • Light
      • Solar Energy- Photovoltaic cells
        • Converts sunlight directly to electricity
        • Sunlight is absorbed by solar panel and gives electrons energy. The current (flow of electrons) can be converted into electrical energy
      • Visible light is found in the EM Spec
      • Travels faster than sound
    • Elastic Potential
      • Stored potential energy for a spring
      • Hookes Law
        • Apply more force= more stretch until the elastic limit
          • Directly proportional
        • F=Kx
          • Force= constant x stretch
            • Spring constant (K) stretch of the spring
            • Stretch (x) change in elasticity
    • Gravitational Potential
      • Potential energy for lift
      • Energy stored in raised objects
    • Electrical
      • Energy in electrical charges (static or moving)
    • Heat
      • Heat Tranfers
      • Thermal energy
      • Measured in Joules
      • Always goes form hot to cold
    • Sound
      • Humans hear up to 20,000Hz- above this is ultrasound
      • Changing pitch= frequency
      • Change loudness= amplictude
      • Echoes are reflected sound
        • We can find out how far away an object is, how fast it is travelling and it's shape
        • We know how long it takes for sound waves to be sent and received so we can tell if something gets in the way
      • Ultrasound
        • Uses: clean delicate objects, medically to break up kidney stones and check baby's development
      • Mechanical waves so can NOT travel in a vacuum
      • Sound is vibrations
      • Diffraction allows sound to bend around corners and obstacles
    • Chemical
      • Energy between bonds in atoms
      • Energy stored in food fuel and batteries
    • Nuclear
      • Stored in the nuclei of atoms
    • Kinetic
      • Movement
      • As you heat particles they gain kinetic energy
        • This means  they transfer energy due to increased collisions


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