Energy inputs

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  • Energy use
    • all farming involves energy _____ but some systems require an extremely  ______ amount of energy.
    • Machinery
      • Fuel e.g. ____ and harvesting
      • Indirect uses e.g.        __________ of machinery
      • depends on how rich the country is
        • _____ farms probably wont be able to buy lots of equpiment
    • ______ e.g. deliver food or take animal to slaughter house
    • _________ manufacture e.g. fertilisers
    • Food
      • Processing
      • _____ e.g. right conditions so it doesn't go off.
    • Most of the energy inputs come from ______ fuels
      • This means it will inherently have the same problems that are often associated with fossil fuels
        • e.g. _______ release of carbon dioxide
    • Not every method has a _____ energy input e.g. use of _______


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