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  • Energy types
    • Bio-energy
      • Uses the energy of sunlight in vegetation
      • Biodiesel from soya beans in the USA.
    • Geothermal energy
      • Uses the natural heat from deep within the Earth
      • Hoover Dam USA
    • Hydro-electricity
      • Uses the energy of running water
      • La Rance estuary in northwest France
    • Solar energy
      • Uses the energy from the sun
      • Bedzed housing development near London
    • Wind energy
      • Uses the energy of moving air currents
      • Soutra, Scottish Borders
    • Wave energy
      • Uses the energy of moving waves in the sea
      • The Pelamis project off the Scottish Coast
    • Tidal energy
      • Uses the energy of the daily changing sea levels
      • Hellishedi Power Station, Iceland


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