Discuss how particular research methods are used at the CLOA

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  • Discuss how and why particular research methods are used at the cognitive level of analysis
    • Experimentation
      • Main Features
        • Conducted in a laboratory based setting
        • Strick control of variables to determine causation
      • Study
        • Loftus and Palmer
          • Reconstructive memory
          • Leading Questions
      • Strengths
        • Establish caustation
        • Objectivity
        • Reliability
        • Easy replication of the study
      • Limitations
        • Lacks Ecological Validit
        • demand characteristics
    • Case Studies
      • Main Features
        • Untitled
      • Study
        • Clive Wearing and HM
      • Strengths
        • Can gain insight into the unique aspects of cognition of unique individuals
        • Can explore cognitive phenomena that would be to unethical usually
        • Insight into rare cases of cognitive prcesses
      • Limitation
        • Only small numbers of participants
          • Cannot easily be generalized to the wider population
        • Inability to determine caustation
    • Interviews
      • Study
        • Yuilla and Cutshall
          • Flash Bulb memory
      • Main Features
        • Participants self report on experiences in the presence of a researcher
      • Strengths
        • Information gained from the participants directly
          • Not so prone to researcher bias
      • Limitations
        • Greater opportunity for participant bias
        • Self-Report


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