Energy stores & systems

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  • Energy stores and system
    • Examples
      • Chemical, eg- fuel, food, battery
      • Kinetic eg- moving objects
      • Gravitational Potential eg- raised mass
      • Elastic eg- stretched spring
      • Thermal eg- hot object
      • Magnetic eg- 2 magnets
      • nuclear eg- nuclear fuel
      • electrostatic eg- 2 charges
    • Examples
      • object thrown upwards- k.e decreases & g.p.e increases
      • moving object hits an obstacle- k.e transferred & energy dissipated - sound & thermal energy
      • ke of object - increases- accelerated by force
      • when vehicle breaks- ke store decreases & thermal energy store increases- friction in brakes
      • When kettle boils- energy transferred electrically- increase thermal store in water
    • Energy can be transferred in 3 ways:..
      • by heating
      • through use of forces
      • electrically by electric current
    • Conservation of energy
      • can be transferred usefully to other stores- can be wasted/ dissipated to surroundings
      • energy cannot be created nor destroyed- total energy in closed system- same as before transfer
      • A closed system is isolated system where no energy flows in/ out of the system


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