energy sources and power stations

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    • non renewable energy sources will run out
      • non renewables are the 3 fossil fuels - and nuclear energy
        • 1. coal2. oil3. natural gas4. nuclear fuels (uranium & plutonium)
    • renewable energy resources will never run out
      • renewables are; wind / waves / tides / hydro electric / solar / geothermal / food / biofuels
    • energy sources can be burned to drive turbines in power stations
      • 1. fossil fuel is burned to convert its stored chemical energyinto heat energy
        • 2. heat energy is used to heat water to produce steam
          • 3. steam turns the turbine converting heat energy into kinetic enrergy
            • 4. the turbine connects to a generator which transfers kinetic energy to electrical energy
    • nuclear reactors
      • 1. nuclear power station uses the same method as team and turbines - but with nuclear fission of uranium or plutonium producing the heat to make steam
        • 2. nuclear power stations take the longest time to start up. natural gas stations take the shortest time of all fissil fuels stations




the mindmap is really useful and tells you exactly what you need to know for that topic and it is very helpful 

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