Energy poverty

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  • Energy Poverty
    • While some countries have an energy surplus, the unequal distribution of energy resources means some countries suffer energy poverty
      • Any country that can export is in energy surplus, the opposite is energy poverty I.e. needs to import the majority of its energy
    • Key facts:
      • 2.4bn rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating.
      • The use of traditional biomass is killing people - 2.5m women and children die each year from lung conditions caused by smoke from traditional cooking stoves.
        • Energy poverty keeps women poor by limiting women's ability to engage in education and income-generating activities.
    • People suffering from energy poverty need access to clean, sustainable and renewable energy: solar power, small-scale hydropower, modern biomass and wind power.
    • In rural homes, families spend a 1/3 of their income on kerosene for lighting and diesel for milling grain.
    • Women spend hours collecting wood and dung for cooking.


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