Energy Mix

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  • Energy Mix
    • Sweden
      • facts
        • worlds most developed countries- in 2006, GDP per capita was 8th
        • Swedes have high standard of living, and so have high energy consumption
      • resources
        • relies heavily on nuclear and renweable
        • relatively small quantities of indigenous fossil fules, low co2 emmissions
        • ranks 3rd in EU for nuclear energy
        • due to layout of the rivers, with steep sides, HEP is widely available
      • the mix
        • northern sweden has significant HEP due to large rivers such as Lulealv, which on its own produces 10% of Swedens electricity
          • majority of potential HEP has been harnessed
        • in 1960's it was decided to build nuclear as they did not want to rely on importing fossil fulels.
          • sweden has 10 nuclear power plants which create half of the electricity. located at four sites. Forsmark, oskarshamn ringhals, braseback
    • India
      • facts
        • population of over 1 billion, despite rapid growth, india is still poor.
        • per capita income is ranked 126th
        • hasd heavy independance on rural - 2001 census found 880 million rural dwellers
      • resources
        • worlds 3rd biggest coal producer and consumer
        • coal is most abundant and the primary fuel that drives the industrial economy
        • oil and gas is in small supply, reserves located offshore around mumbai and assam
        • some HEP has been developed in northern mountains, and wind and solar have potential
        • has worlds largest resource of throium, a raw material for nuclear reactors, byut cannot be exploited yet due to limited technology
        • the mix
          • 61% of indias energy consumption happens in rural areas.
          • the modern industrial economy relies on coal, 55% of energy produced
          • oil mainly consumed in transport secotr. many oil imports from middle east
          • in rural india people rely on biomass such as wood, crop residue and animal dung, at zero cost.


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