Energy from respiration

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  • Energy from respiration
    • Aerobic respiration
      • glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water (+energy)
      • testing for carbon dioxide from respiratoin
        • blow carbon dioxide through limewater until it goes cloudy
      • mitochondria - site of respiration
        • folded inner membrane to give large SA for enzymes in respiration
        • more mitochondria = more active cell
      • why?
        • living cells need energy to carry out basic functions of life
          • build large molecules from small
          • building / synthesis reactions
            • amino acids into proteins
        • animals, energy is used to make muscles contract
        • homeostasis
    • The effect of exercise on the body
      • muscles
        • made of protein fibres
        • contract when supplied with energy
        • store glucose as glycogen
          • converted back rapidly during exercise
        • use energy even when not moving
      • response to exercise
        • heart rate increase, arteries supplying blood widen
          • increases blood flow to muscles
            • increases oxygen and glucose to muscles and carbon dioxide from muscles
        • breathing rate increases, and deeper breathing
          • more often, more air
            • more oxygen brought round body by red bloodcells
            • more carbon dioxide out. transfer of gases is quicker everywhere
      • more exercise = heart and lunges larger
        • more efficient blood supply
    • Anaerobic respiration


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