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  • Energy
    • Types of energy
      • Kinetic
      • Chemical
      • Elastic Potential
      • Gravitational Potential
      • Thermal
      • Nuclear
      • Sound
      • Light
    • Energy Resources
      • Non Renewable
        • Fossil Fuels
        • Nuclear Fuels
      • Renewable
        • Geo Thermal
        • Biomass
        • Solar
        • Hydroelectric
    • Heat Transfers
      • Conduction
        • Heat is thermal energy, it can transferred from one place to another by conduction
          • Conduction works best in solids
          • Particles gain energy and vibrate more, they collide with one another and pass energy.
          • Energy is transferred by direct contact.
      • Convection
        • Heat cam be transferred from one place to another by convection.
          • Particles gain energy and move more taking up more space
        • Cannot take place in solids
      • Radiation
        • Heat can be transferred by infrared radiation
          • Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that involves waves
            • Some surfaces are better than others at reflecting and absorbing infrared radiation.
    • Energy Efficiency
      • To calculate the efficiency...  useful energy transferred by the device divided by total energy supplied to the device
      • The efficiency of something       may be         shown in a    sankey diagram


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