Endocrine Glands

Mindmap on the Endocrine Glands and what they do.

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  • Endrocrine glands
    • Pineal
      • Obscure function
      • Believed to be concerned with growth and sometimes psychic experience
    • Pituitary
      • Called the Master Gland, through hormones it influences other ductless glands
    • Thyroid
      • Concerned with metabolism
      • Regulates oxygen consumption and rids the body of carbon dioxide
      • Underactivity causes a secretion deficiency which slows growth in children, in adults the metabolic processes slow down, leading to weight gain
      • Over-secretion causes weight loss, excitability and nervousness as well as high pulse rate
    • Parathyroid
      • Two pairs of tiny oval bodies embedded in the surface of the thyroid glands
      • Under-secretion causes muscle spasms
      • Over-secretation causes the bones to soften
    • Thymus
      • Functions aren't know but thought to be concerned with antibody production
    • Adrenal glands
      • The secretion of these glands magnifies when we feel fear or anger
      • Secretion increases when in states of asphyxia and starvation
      • Secretion increases to counteract shock produced
    • The Islets of Langerhans of the Pancreas
      • Secretion of insulin which lowers the amount of glucose in the blood
    • Ovaries
      • Internal female organs of reproduction
      • They contain large numbers of undeveloped ova
        • At each menstrual cycle, one ova develops, ripens and ruptures
    • Testes
      • Male organs of generation where spermatozoa and testosterone is produced
        • Testosterone is the male sex hormone
          • This increases at puberty - responsible for facial hair, deepening of voice.. etc


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