endocrine system

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  • Endocrine System
    • Endocrine Glands
      • Testes
        • produce testosterone
          • controls puberty and sperm production
      • Adrenal Glands
        • situated above each kidney
        • Produce adrenaline
          • triggers 'fight or flight' response when an organism is in a difficult situation
      • Pancreas
        • produces insulin and glucagon
          • involved in regulating blood glucose levels
      • Pituitary Gland
        • "master gland"
        • linked to hypothalamus in the brain
        • releases hormones in response to changes detected by hypothalamus
          • these hormones trigger other glands to release more hormones
      • Ovaries
        • produce oestrogen
          • controls puberty
          • main hormone in the regulation of the menstrual cycle
      • Thyroid Gland
        • in our neck
        • releases thyroxine
          • regulates metabolism, heart rate and temperature
    • Nervous vs Endocrine System
      • Endocrine
        • triggers slower response
        • uses chemical messengers that are carried by blood
        • response can be long lasting
        • can act on large ares of the body
      • CNS
        • triggers rapid response
        • uses electrical signals that are carried by neurones
        • response is very short
        • acts on precise part of the body


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