Purge Results

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  • Purge Results
    • End
      • 1937 scale of killings threatened to destabilise the regime by eliminating those required to manage it
      • Census embarrassing, imprisonment often replaced execution, criticism of overvigilant careerists (NKVD)
      • Dec 1937 - Ezhov demoted by Politburo.
        • Beria eliminated NKVD Trotskyists
    • Who were the victims?
      • Early leader trials & Congress delegates - paranoia
      • Stalin signed death warrants, but 1/18 arrested, couldn't have heard of all of them
        • Personal - Trotsky/ Eunikidze
      • 1m Party members arrested
        • Hardest hit, trapped between Zhandov's democracy criticism & Ehzov vigilance
          • High ranking officers, party economy Region?
      • Created 2nd gen. Stalinists 1928, always subserviant
      • 90% gulags = peasants
    • Understanding
      • Personality, Wife's suicide & Riutin Affair
        • Revolution experience, insecure? Why so evil?
        • Collectivisation, less trained party, regional officials failed to keep govt informed
          • Terror as no opposition to oppress after Army/Mosocw
    • People  willing to believe conspiracies


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