Estuarine organisms

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  • Enantiostasis  and estuarine organisms
    • estuarine environment
      • Huge fluctuations in salt and water concentrations
    • The maintenance of physiological and metabolic FUNCTIONS in response to  variations in the environment
      • 2 strategies
        • 1.Osmoconformers
          • Tolerate the changes in salinity
            • Alter their internal concentrations to MATCH the external environment
              • Use amino acids to control osmotic pressures
              • SHARKS / FIDDLER CRABS
        • 2.Osmoregulators
          • Avoid changes in salinity in their internal environment
            • Exclude salt to keep fluid concentration constant
              • Mussels close their valves
            • Produce dilute urine
              • Salmon can adapt to both salt and fresh water environments


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