Representations of Social Class

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  • Representation of Social Class
    • More favourable stereotype of the upper-class and middle-class
    • Under-representation and less favourable stereotype of the working-class
    • Sociologists
      • Marxists and Neo-Marxists
        • Like the Glasgow Media Group
          • Media reflects the interests of the powerful with little media content about class inequality
      • Lawler (2005)
        • Th focus is on the individual and their choices in consumer goods regardless of social class
      • McKendick al. (2008)
        • Analysis of UK media in 2007 found that poverty compromised only a small proportion of media output
          • Journalists found it more newsworthy to cover individuals failings than the social causes of poverty
      • Jones (2011)
        • Media makes us believe that everyone should aspire to be middle-class
    • Working-Class
      • Curran and Seaton (2010)
        • The content of newspapers aimed at the working-class indicate that they have little interest in public affairs
          • And are instead invested exaggerated entertainment
          • E.g Daily Mail
      • EXAMPLE
        • Butsch (2003) - WC are seen as
          • Dumb
            • Sitcom Royle Family showed WC as couch potatoes
          • Immature
          • Incompetant
        • Working-Class communities presented in shows like Eastenders show a middle-class view of WC
      • Source of trouble
      • White-Trash
        • Most dominant stereotype
          • Lawler (2005)
            • Representing the WC as worthless, disgusting and frightening
            • 'Chav' is a common form of middle-class abuse using it allows them to gain a sense of superiority to secure and maintain their identity.
          • Weltman (2008)
            • Chav Stereotype is used to devalue WC taste and culture
          • Shows that show dysfunctional working-class characters reinforce the view that the poor  are poor due to their own failings
            • EXAMPLE
              • The Jeremy Kyle Show
              • Benefits Street
              • Misfits
    • Middle-Class
      • Over Represented in media
      • Represented Positively
      • Eduucated
      • Succesful
      • Well-functioning families
      • Media-Gaze
        • Middle-class dominating the media establishment
      • Hegenomic ideology of the normality of the middle-class life justifies the existing class structure
    • Upper-Class
      • Well-Bred
      • Taste for shooting and hunting
      • Often portrayed romanticised and in period dramas
        • EXAMPLE
          • Downtown Abbey
      • Luxury homes and cars
      • Pluralist
        • Media coverage is simply providing what the audience want
      • Neo-Marxists
        • Celebration of the hierarchy and wealth which encourages admiration and envy
          • Promoting the dominant ideology


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