employment and the law

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  • employment and the law
    • national minimum wage
      • paid to; workers aged 24 and under but of school leaving age
        • exact amount to be paid depends on the age of the worker and type of work
    • national living wage
      • paid to; workers aged 25 and over
        • slightly more than the minimum wage
    • equality act 2010
      • must not discriminate against anyone because of:
        • gender
        • age
        • sexual orientation
        • disabilities
        • race
        • religion
    • health and safety at work act of 1974
      • carry out risk assessments
      • accident books to be kept
      • trained first aiders
      • all staff must receive health and safety training
      • health and safety equipment must be provided
    • consumer rights act 2015
      • the product should be fit for its purpose
      • the product should match its description
      • the product should be of satisfactory quality
      • if legal requirements are not met the customer can ask for:
        • their money back
        • a repair
        • a replacement


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