Emotional life quality factors

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  • Emotional
    • Privacy
      • All individuals have the right ro privacy.
        • Being undisturbed or unobserved if they wish.
      • Lack of privacy may make a person feel devalued.
    • Dignity
      • Treating people with repect. This can ensure that self-esteem remains positive.
      • Can be provided in all care settings.
      • Asking for compliance (not giving orders) and observing individuals wishes.
    • Approval
      • Showing affection or praise for someone's actions.
      • This helps individuals maintain a positive self-esteem and a feeling of achievement and value for their actions.
    • Psychological security
      • When individuals are not afraid or anxious about any aspect of their life.
      • Reasssurance and effective communication can help allay fears.
    • Autonomy
      • Refers to the ability to have control over their own life and the opportunity to make decisions without coercion from others.
      • Difficult to achieve in many care settings as individuals recieve a lot of care from others.


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